Why Us?

What type of heating/cooling does your apartment have?

Soho Lofts knows energy. With our forced air heat pumps (Energy 5 Star rated btw), heat and air are evenly distributed throughout your home. During the peak seasons, individual forced air heat/cooling systems like ours cost HUNDREDS of dollars less than your typical "through-the-wall" PTAC system...what you'd find in most apartments in the area.

Does your apartment have any soundproofing between units?

What happens in Soho Lofts STAYS in Soho Lofts. Double sheet rock between all the bedrooms and demising walls between apartments ensure your Whitney Houston shower solo stays between you and the legend.

What kinds of windows are in your apartment?

We are lovers of light and we love to let it in with efficiency and grandeur. Soho Lofts offers premier double-paned, gas filled, Low-E, Energy Efficient, reduced sound windows.

Is the plumbing in your apartment sound efficient?

The sound of rushing water is really only pleasant if it's the ocean out your window, let's be honest. Soho Lofts uses cast iron main drains rather than PVC piping, greatly reducing and basically eliminating the running water sound behind the walls.

Does your apartment have indoor or outdoor parking?

Indoor garage parking. Need we say more? Ok with a valet. Will it cost? Sure - from $225 to $275 depending on how fancy you want to get, but not having to circle the block for twenty five minutes on a freezing Saturday night? Priceless.

On average, how long does it take maintenance to respond?

Our maintenance team responds within 24 hours and handles all issues in-house with our dedicated on-site team whenever possible. If we need to outsource we will. You're in excellent hands.

Does your apartment offer emergency maintenance?

Emergency maintenance is rare, but if you've gone and done something nutty and there's water everywhere, you can bet we're on staff 24/7 and strive to have a "within 30 minute" response time (outside of normal operating hours).

Who is your property management company?

We are Veris Residential. And we are ridiculously good at this. No really. We are award winning , we are seasoned, we are experienced and we are dedicated to making this place the epitome of perfect residential living.

Does your apartment offer a pool pass policy for guests?

Yes you can bring a friend to the pool. Residents can purchase up to 2 guest passes per apartment per day. Weekend passes are $20 and weekdays are free! Take them to a cabana for that extra special day for $150 and get 8 guest passes included. Any cabanas unrented are available to residents free Monday – Thursday, but does not include guest passes.